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The new part of the horror Five Night at Freddy's subtitled Sister Location somewhat changes the established traditions of the series. If before the game process was limited to the defensive of our abode, now we are repeatedly forced to look for trouble to the distraught animatronics in order to solve the related problem of the game.


First night
Entry episode Sister Location pass rather quietly. All we need to do is click a few buttons and overcome several ventilation shafts, just following the instructions of the voice over.

The second night
In the second game of the night will begin in earnest. Leaving the elevator, first check the animatronics ballerina, alternately pressing the blue and red buttons on the left panel. You will then pass to the central ventilation, which, in fact, go. Once thus in the control room, the blue key click on the panel, and then wait until the power failure. At some point, ... Read more »

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backtostart - move to Fort «Avernum»
iwanttobestronger - add experience
leetbuffz - get multiple blessings
ouchouchouch - all the characters to heal all ills
resetboats - all boats return to the starting position (bought boats are not your property)
dontshowmeall - characters are not displayed in the Automap
showmeall - display all the characters in the Automap
editor - editing characters (skills, traits, spells)
forgiveme - forgiveness (all forget about your crimes)
fps - display the «FPS»
giveasnack - to give the main character cake
iamdrained - make up the energy (spell energy)
iampoor - get 500 coins

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"The first syringe steroid"
So, his first syringe with a steroid can look for the fireplace, which stands in the living room. Living in turn it is located on the first floor of the main house. Furthermore, for the first syringe is required to obtain a particular photo treasure. Photos can be find in the basement of the mansion, where once Ethan had to fight with Jack for the second time. The picture is in the processing zone to the west of the crematory (lying on a shelf about a piece of meat, which still stuck "key Scorpion").

After look for photos, come back to the first floor of the mansion. Go to the main hall and go through the secret passage, which is located behind the picture with an eagle. Once in the living room, you will find a fireplace, which is more about an old blue chair. Check the surface of the fireplace in the upper right corner, where he soon and look for the first steroid syringe.

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