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Home » 2017 » February » 12 » Hyde: Location of all steroids (syringes) - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
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Hyde: Location of all steroids (syringes) - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

"The first syringe steroid"
So, his first syringe with a steroid can look for the fireplace, which stands in the living room. Living in turn it is located on the first floor of the main house. Furthermore, for the first syringe is required to obtain a particular photo treasure. Photos can be find in the basement of the mansion, where once Ethan had to fight with Jack for the second time. The picture is in the processing zone to the west of the crematory (lying on a shelf about a piece of meat, which still stuck "key Scorpion").

After look for photos, come back to the first floor of the mansion. Go to the main hall and go through the secret passage, which is located behind the picture with an eagle. Once in the living room, you will find a fireplace, which is more about an old blue chair. Check the surface of the fireplace in the upper right corner, where he soon and look for the first steroid syringe.

"The second syringe steroid"
Next steroid is in the trailer, which is in the yard. However, there is a problem and it is that to get a second syringe can only be if it will pay for 3 ancient coins. Lies steroid in a bird cage on the counter. If you do not have enough coins, then I recommend to familiarize with the Girl Guide, which lists the location of all the ancient coins in the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - here.

"Third-steroid syringe"
Next steroid can be found in the test zone. Lay the syringe in an open safe in the storage room - move along the main corridor. And I recommend to use a syringe before being sent to fight the bosses in this location. In order to get to this part of the building, red and blue key card would need to be pre-extract. Location red and blue key-card can be viewed - here.

"The fourth syringe steroid"
This steroid is located in the courtyard of the main house. For this syringe will have to solve the puzzle, which is associated with a shadow and a toy ax. For more details about this puzzle will be in this guide - here.

"Fifth-steroid syringe"
There is 7 Resident Evil: Biohazard another syringe, a steroid, which is hidden in the salt mines. And this syringe to miss a snap, so try to scrutinize every corner. Once you get to the lab, which is located in most of these mines (in fact it is the first room in this location), go to the two standing in the corner baths and check the floor between them. The syringe will lie here.

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